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Trend Setting Resumes Tracy Parish is not just your typical Nationally Published Certified Professional Résumé Writer and Conference Speaker – she’s “built a better mousetrap” (so to speak) that helps her clients catch better-paying jobs! She’s doing things on résumés that nobody else on the planet is doing and her clients are getting 90% response rates – even in our current tough economy!

15 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

7 Insider Secrets For Hiring a Resume Writer


“How much is a resume?” I get that all the time, it’s my favorite question! It’s like calling up a car dealer and asking, “How much is a blue car?” Or calling your local John Deere dealership and asking, “How much is a lawn mower?” The sales representative has no idea if you have 2 […]

14 October 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Put Your Money Where It Counts!

I often tell people that writing your own resume is a lot like doing your own root canal – and most tend to agree. It can be just as tricky, painful, and impossible. Impossible because it’s too hard for you to be totally objective about yourself. Even as a professional resume writer, I’ll confess that […]