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7 Insider Secrets For Hiring a Resume Writer


“How much is a resume?” I get that all the time, it’s my favorite question! It’s like calling up a car dealer and asking, “How much is a blue car?” Or calling your local John Deere dealership and asking, “How much is a lawn mower?” The sales representative has no idea if you have 2 acres or 2,000! Obviously I have no idea if the caller is a truck driver, CEO, or something entirely different. I also have no idea if they have zero years of experience or 30, so how would I know what price to charge them?

TIP #1: If you call up a resume writer and ask them how much a resume costs and they actually quote a price, hang up and run the other way! This means they charge a one-price-fits-all and you’ll get a one-size-fits-all GENERIC resume. That won’t do for serious job seekers today. Speaking of price… let me educate you a bit. Honestly now, what kind of a job do you think you’ll land with a $99 resume? If you are seeking minimum wage you may be OK. But if you’re seeking to climb the ladder and want a spectacular view, be prepared to invest more.

TIP #2: Here’s something few people think about. Does the writer actually write the resume? I personally know many “writers” who don’t write a single resume. They subcontract everything out to other writers who get paid minimum wage. Again, you have to ask yourself what kind of a job you’ll get when the person who wrote your resume only got paid minimum wage. Having been on the subcontracting end in the past myself, I know those projects are a pure “rush jobs,” and you don’t want any of that.

TIP #3: Funny as it may sound, find someone with whom you are comfortable working. After all, you’re going to be discussing some very important and confidential issues, so you’ll want to feel free to open up. You’ll also want to feel confident in their professionalism and support. Working with a resume writer can be very similar to working with a counselor or therapist. You develop a certain level of life-long trust with them.

TIP #4: Make sure the person working with you and writing your materials is top-notch. Ask if they’ve had their resumes published in any best-selling career books (many of the good, ambitious writers have). But don’t stop there. It doesn’t take a great resume to get into a “Gallery of Best Resumes” book, so also ask if they have spoken at any national conferences or provided training for other resume writers. Those are sure signs that they know their stuff.

TIP #5: Ask about how they collect the data for designing your materials. Worksheets can be time-consuming and limiting, whereas one-on-one interactive interviews are much more profitable for gaining good information to write a better resume. If your writer is charging much for the services, you’ll want to make sure they take it upon themselves to take the load off your shoulders and make the process as easy as possible. Cumbersome worksheets are usually the sign of a low-end service because they will just pass the worksheets off to a writer hired at minimum wage.

TIP #6: Ask if they offer more than just resumes. A good service will also offer powerful cover letters, and if they are really on the ball you’ll find a smorgasbord available at your fingertips. The services that are really serious about helping their clients usually offer many other helpful tools for the client to put in their job search toolbox. Some even offer trend-setting materials to help you stand out amongst the competition. If they just offer plain (8 ½ X 11) resumes with no choice on other stunning formats or variations, it’s a strike against them. Clients need and expect more these days.

TIP #7: If you’re working with a true professional they will be around for the long haul. Some even provide FREE ongoing support as you search for a job. At the very least make sure they’ll be able to continue to work with you if you relocate. It’s often hard enough to find a career professional the first time around, and it’s even harder (and costs more) to have to start from scratch again if you move. Pick the right one up front and you won’t be sorry.

At TrendSettingResumes.com we welcome these questions and more. You’ll find that we meet your highest expectations! Before selecting any résumé service, remember it’s your entire future you’re placing in someone else’s hands. When you boil it down, getting the highest quality should be your number one consideration. So make sure you’re working with the best!

Tracy Parish, CPRW

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