How To Pick A Professional Résumé Writer (& When To Run!)

  • If they quote a price without asking any questions… Run!
  • If the person uses a subcontractor and doesn’t write the resume themselves… Run!
  • If you feel pressured or don’t feel comfortable or don’t trust the person… Run!
  • If the person writing your resume hasn’t been published or isn’t an industry leader… Run!
  • If they use a questionnaire rather than a personal consultation to gather your information… Run!
  • If they offer ONLY résumés and don’t have a broad range of career materials… Run!
  • If they don’t offer ongoing support and updating (usually for a lesser fee)… Run!

Career Materials You Need in Your Arsenal

  • Dynamic Résumé (It has to stand out or it won’t do you any good.)
  • Equally dynamic cover letter (The 2 together create an irresistible magnetic force.)
  • Follow-Up Materials (Persistence pays off “the fortune is in the follow-up.)
  • Stationery (To give you a polished, professional appearance with your communications.)
  • A “show-stopper” elevator pitch (To give a great first impression.)
  • Interview cards (To stand out among the others.)
  • Thank you cards (For one last chance to sell yourself.)
  • (Contact us for more ideas. These are the essentials but there are more you’ll want to add.)

Top Fatal Résumé Mistakes

  • Making it hard for the reader to find the critical information they need.
  • Making it hard for the reader to determine what you want to be when you grow up.
  • Making it hard for the reader to find the value you have to offer.
  • Boring or repetitive job descriptions (If you say “responsible for” or “responsibilities include / included” their eyes will glaze over.
  • Lack of (or weak) accomplishments in each role.
  • Old-style resume formatting.
  • Lack of personal branding to make you stand out.
  • Length (too long or too short or partial use of pages)
  • Listing positions in the wrong order.
  • Misspelled words.
  • Grammar mistakes.
  • Not including a cover letter (Surprised? It’s true. Call us and we can tell you why.)

(Some of these are obvious. If the employer can’t tell what you want to be when you grow up, or what you can do for them, you lose. You also need to stand out as unique.)