Trend Setting Resumes - Stand Out From the Rest

The New Science Behind Résumés

This is the résumé that has hiring executives immediately – UPON FIRST GLANCE – saying, “Wow! This one is different!”

How can you go wrong if you make a lasting impression on them BEFORE they even read the first word?

This new trend-setting résumé format has the most value of any we have ever seen. Plus, the look is outstanding! Why put together a boring, standard-looking, bare-bones document, that looks identical to all the rest in the “herd”, when you have every opportunity to KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF!

Trend Setting Resumes - Stand Out From the Rest

Why This Works So Well

When hiring executives sort through the overwhelming number of résumés they receive, they ask the following questions to quickly pick out qualified candidates:

  1. What does this person want to be when they “grow up”?
  2. If we hire them, what can they do for us?
  3. Do they have a background of previously “doing”
    this type of work?
  4. What makes them different from everybody else applying?

This “New Résumé” format effectively guides them through and quickly answers these questions. As expected, it has been eliciting immediate call backs – and is fast becoming known as our “firecracker format!”

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