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“There are 3 ingredients to the good life…”
“Learning, earning, and yearning.” – Christopher Morley

(Which ingredients are you missing?)

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The New Science Behind Résumés


Are you ready to shorten your job search, increase your salary, and / or find a fulfilling position?

Honestly, I’ll tell you right up front that our services are not for everyone. And it’s a good thing, since we only work with a limited amount of clients per month. We are not out to serve the masses – we only work with a few select clients so we can really make them stand out with the best résumé on the market. Our service is very exclusive and extremely unique – and because of that, our clients get amazing results!

So the first step… We need to see if we’re actually a good fit for each other! It’s important that you choose the right service (because your livelihood is on the line) and it’s important that we pick the right clients so we can serve you better by matching our strengths and expertise to your needs.

For a free, no-pressure, value-packed consultation, complete with customized strategies, tips, and advice, simply call toll free: 1-888-522-6121 so we can chat in person – but be sure to have a pen and paper ready because we’ll go over some valuable information you won’t want to miss! You can also download this document showing information about the services or email us at if you prefer – be sure to send your current résumé if you have one and we can even do a free critique!

If you’re looking for a “Plain-Jane”, black-and-white résumé, you can stop right here because you won’t get that with us. We believe ALL the details count and add up to make a BIG first impression. You’ll have to hang on to your hat when you work with us, because employers who didn’t notice you before will now sit up and take notice! Your career is going to soar!

Let’s start with the “look” of the résumé. That’s what the reader will notice first. Believe it or not, the reader makes an IMMEDIATE judgement based simply on the look (and feel – if they’re holding it in the paper format) of the résumé – before they’ve even read the first word! So you need a fresh look (designed from scratch) that is unique, inviting, and draws the reader in. You can guess the reader’s preference if they have to choose between a black­ and ­white, B-­O­-R­-I­-N­-G format or something much more intriguing. You’ll already look like you’re worth more on paper!

But the look of it is just the tip of the iceberg – we still need to discuss alternative formats, powerful writing, clear branding strategies, back­door job search approaches, unique career materials, the best way to diversify and much more! We can do all of that when you call us at 1-888–522–6121 (again, be sure to have a pen and paper handy so you won’t miss out on the valuable tips we’ll provide!)

So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now and let’s see how we can get your résumé into top-notch shape!

Download the Trend Setting Résumés document and see how we can help!